Jump, Broad
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A common obstacle in all levels of dog agility and dog obedience. The challenge of this strange looking jump is for your dog to jump over the boards, in-between the 4 marker poles (not run on top of it or sideways through the poles). The boards on this practice set are constructed of vinyl & plastic (never needs painting!). Each one is slightly variegated in size, both in ascension and in length, so they "nest" inside each other for compact storage and portability. You will use a different amount of boards, from 2-4, depending on your agility dog's size. We include a chart to help you determine how many boards you need to use. The longest board is 41" wide, the smallest 36" (competition ones are a little longer). The 4-board set comes pre-assembled, ready to use, with 4 marker poles that insert into sleeves (not the ground) so you can use this set indoors or out, and when you want to quickly move the set, you don't have to pull the poles out of the ground (a great feature!). Also included is free colored tape to put stripes along the sides and on the poles.

Note: This ascending Broad Jump is also the kind used in obedience work.

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