Ze Doggie Drencher
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Perfect for the "dog days" of summer. This is not an official dog agility or obedience obstacle but it is really cool! (pun intended) Dog Obedience , Dog Agility and other dog sports are held rain or shine and this will help your agility and obedience dog to get used to working while wet. You can get your dog wet without a bath or a dip in the pool. Simply hook your garden hose to the special attachment on the frame, and adjust the water pressure to the desired spray setting. Water will spray out of the dozens of holes inside the frame, forming a virtual "wall" of water your dog has to run through! It is a blast to watch, and it will become a favorite new obstacle for the backyard, doggie daycares, humane societies, and for dog agility fun matches! You can even use it for the kids to run through. A lot of kids like dog agility equipment better than their own jungle gym. You can order more than one to form a tunnel of water! Measures 30" around. Comes with easy assembly and training instructions.

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